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1/15/2015  We are working on putting the crew together for 2015.  Email us for an application and employee manual which will answer many of the questions you have about what to expect and what we expect from you.  The ideal candidate is 18-28 years of age and able to run a full harvest season from April-May (depending on your background and experience) through November.  Farm experience is good but not necessary if you have an interest and common sense.  If you can come in with a CDL (commercial drivers license) that’s good, if not we work on licensing in April.  There is a possibility of year round employment for the right guys who are interested.

olde tyme crew
If you ever start to feel sorry for yourself in anything you do, remember these times.. Early 1900’s South Dakota harvest crew

The 2014 season was one of some continued poor winter wheat in some areas but coupled with poor commodity prices.  The spring wheat areas were cool and slow getting planted, but this led to some tremendous yields also.  Just messed up the time schedule for us and everyone else too.

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