1998 Season

Holland Harvesting – 1998 Season

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1998 Season Harvest

We went south with 5 combines for the ’98 season.  The weather was basically good all through wheat harvest.  While in Oklahoma, we had a stormy spell, with high winds and hail a few evenings in a row.  Luckily, none of our wheat was hailed on or caught the heavier rains.  We were able to cut fairly steadily all through the winter wheat run, and harvested above average to excellent wheat all the way.

For fall harvest, we ran 8 combines.  The weather remained agreeable and very pleasant, and things went well.  Our corn and bean yields were both exceptional, and the only thing that didn’t work out for our farmers was, and still is  the poor commodity prices.

Our main concerns for ’99 remain to be low commodity market prices, and steadily increasing operating costs.  The farmers are marketing crops often at less than the cost of production, and we are operating at rates that haven’t changed n more than 10 years, while our equipment costs have more than doubled in the same amount of time.

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