1999 Season

1999 Season – Holland Harvesting

1999 harvest season

Holland Harvesting Inc – Litchfield, MN

Our 1999 season got off to a good start with some early wheat in Texas.  We went south with 6 combines, and 2 tractors and carts.   Luckily, we were fortunate to cut for about a week before the rains began, and were then able to cut and mud around in Texas sporadically enough to finish our stop and make it to N. Oklahoma.  Then the rain really came.  This area received 80 plus inches since the fall seeding, 10 inches of which came the week we were there.

We moved on up to central Kansas, and cut good wheat there, despite a widespread hail storm earlier in the season.  Once we got out of Oklahoma, things went fairly smoothly.

For fall harvest we leased one of our ’98 combines back so we ran 7 machines to get the majority of the soybeans off.  The Midwest got started on a dry spell at fall harvest time, and we basically ran 7 weeks with no rain.

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