2000 Season

2000 Season – Holland Harvesting

We have to say we had a very successful season.  The most important thing is no one got hurt and everything made it home safely.

2000 Harvest Season

Holland Harvesting – Litchfield, MN

The season started early in Texas because of a dry, warm winter.  The wheat that was not grazed out and left to cut was no more than an average crop.  We finished Texas early, moved to Northern Oklahoma, and sat in rain for about a week.

After that, it was basically non-stop all the way to northern Minnesota where we finished wheat harvest.  In general, it was only an average crop of wheat all the way, but a lot of exceptional quality wheat.

We had to start fall harvest while some machines were finishing up wheat harvest, so things were hectic until we got everyone switched over for corn and soybean harvest.  The fall weather was perfect.  We started and finished with only a couple of rain days.  If only all harvests could go this well.

Again, our 2000 crew was very hard working and dedicated.  That’s what makes harvest fun and exciting for us as well as the crew.  Memories and friends are made forever.

2000 Season – Holland Harvesting Photo Album

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