2006 Season

Holland Harvesting – 2006 Season

The 2006 harvest was a very stressful season for both harvesters and farmers. The drought started in Texas and ran all the way into Canada, with some areas hit harder than others. The heat started early in the spring with temperatures reaching 100+ degrees in Texas while the wheat was trying to fill. The heat came at the wrong time for the wheat crop to properly mature into even an average crop.

Texas had the best overall average yield with a 20 bu. per acre average. The crop varied from there going as low as 10 bu. in South Dakota. The drought continued through the summer effecting the spring wheat also, but we did get into some 25 bu. spring wheat in North Dakota. As far as bushels per acre average, this 2006 wheat crop was one of the poorest we have ever had. Somehow we still managed to survive. We hope the price of grain stays up higher into 2007 as there is not much wheat out there. We have young men working with us from all over the world and no one had an ideal growing season. If this weather pattern continues with short crops widespread again farmers may become more important in the eyes of consumers. At least the winter wheat looks better now going into 2007 than it did a year ago. Hopefully everyone will get more moisture going into spring.

2006 Harvest Season

Our fall harvest normally starts in South Dakota, but this year we started in central Minnesota with high moisture corn. Most of MN had an average to good fall crop, with corn running from 150 to 200 bu. per acre and soybeans from 30 to 50 bu. per acre. We also had combines in N. Minnesota cutting 40 bu. soybeans right on the Canadian border. These machines then went to SE North Dakota where they had received enough timely rains to raise 35 to 40 bushel beans.

We finished up fall harvest in S. Dakota and Iowa. The drought was also tough on S. Dakota fall crops with soybeans only averaging about 14 bu. and the corn about 40 bu. We only harvested about half the normal acres in S. Dakota as much was zeroed out for insurance. They have a little moisture now, but much more is needed to raise a decent 2007 crop.

Our harvest run covers a large area and we have a lot of good farmers to harvest for. While the cost of machinery and operating expenses keep going up, it is hard to justify except by covering a lot of ground and running steady and efficiently while doing the best job possible. We trade machines each year to keep up with cost and hold our downtime to a minimum. Custom harvesters will always be needed because of the high dollar cost of equipment, and the lack of available people capable of operating it. We have been fortunate to be able to fill this need. We hire young men from around the world to come make this harvest run with us. They are not here just for a job, but all have the desire to really make things go right.

2006 Season – Holland Harvesting Photo Album

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