2008 Season

Holland Harvesting – 2008 Season

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Wichita Falls, TX

Of course the 2008 season got off with rapidly escalating fuel costs, along with everything else. Back in late winter early spring they were already saying steel for ’09 equipment production would be triple that of last year.

Fortunately, we had a good cut in Texas with good yields and good prices for the farmers. The weather cooperated pretty well until N. Oklahoma when the rain came in inches of course, as it’s known to do there. Much of Kansas cut at the same time, but fortunately things went along all right. Nebraska had been plagued by hail and was down on acres.

The cool, wet spring made South Dakota about 3 weeks late, but also made a bumper winter wheat crop.

2008-07-29 We are currently cutting excellent yielding winter wheat W. of Pierre SD and SE of Onida SD. The weather is not cooperating though with extremely high humidity which means short days at best.

 2008-08-01 The weather has been better the last few days so things are progressing. Half the crew is at Gettysburg, SD while the rest are still W. of Pierre, which in a normal year would have cut 7-10 days ahead of “east of the river” ground and then everything works out fine. Yields continue up to 50+ bushels/acre, good for the farmers but makes it even more difficult for us when too many acres are fit at once. In everyone’s best interest we’ve hired in extra trucks and additional machines from crews we often work with to make this unusual year go smoothly. There are 8 combines W. of Pierre and 4 near Gettysburg.

2008-08-10 Rob and the guys cutting W. of Pierre finished 12,600 ac of winter wheat averaging 47 bu., excellent especially for there “west of the river”. The high humidity and short days made it a long drawn out process not to mention it being fit a couple weeks later than normal. They are getting ready to move to SW ND. The other guys are still grinding away between rain showers and fog up NE of Pierre. It’s hard to believe how “green” SD is this year with all the rain and cool temps they’ve had.

2008-08-16 Showers, fog, and high humidity continue to plague the Dakota harvest. The guys in SW ND should be able to cut some Canola straight today until they can get back into the wheat. Yesterday morning it was so foggy you couldn’t see across the lot to the other trailer houses. They did get back cutting down in SD yesterday though.

2008-08-19  Finally, hot dry weather has allowed a lot of cutting!  Equipment is on the move from both SD and SW ND to converge at Minot, while a few stay back finishing up today.  We will have more machines there than usual which will allow us to catch up fine, and without cutting as much wet wheat as they allow there.  Actually a good thing for our farmer as the cost of wet dock has increased dramatically since last season for the farmers.  But, as you get further north it can be more and more difficult to cut all dry wheat so some wet is common.

2008-09-01  We are done in Minot just in time for a couple of cold, rainy days.  Good timing to take care of a few things and clean to get into Canada, where it is raining also.  Fall corn and soybean harvest looks quite late and everyone is hoping for a late frost.

2008-09-15  After two weeks of cold, damp weather the 7 day forecast is good.  Dry and warming into the 70’s F. at least up in SK where the whole crew is.  Of course we are down to 11 hr. of daylight only there and no warmer than it is dew sets in early and it can be pretty wet in the morning.  Today they are cutting Canola straight.

2008-09-28  We headed stuff down out of SK after a pretty good and actually enjoyable run there, to get started on fall harvest.

2008-10-01  Being a very unusual fall it is necessary to be cutting soybeans in 3 states today, not typical or ideal but it will all work out.

2008-10-08  After a wide spread rain the soybeans are going in N. and S. Dakota again and they are back in high moisture corn in MN where they got 2″ of rain.  Soybeans may go in MN tomorrow (Thursday) as it was sunny with a nice breeze today, then they are saying rain again for the weekend.

2008-10-29  Although we haven’t had real good fall harvest weather we are done with soybeans after Litchfield, MNbeing out of them for about a week of wet weather again.  Now there is corn and sunflowers left to go in SD and MN with moistures that are on the high side but we are keeping busy. 

2008-12-13  With another impending snow storm we’ve finished up our main corn and sunflowers in SD and they are trying to get home before the roads get bad.  There is another 1000 ac. of corn we could harvest now, but it will have to wait to see what the weather does.  It is still on the wet side, and there really is no place to go with it.

2008-12-30  The weather has been “not good” for much of anything.  Temps well below 0 F. often and when it warms up it snows, then back we go into the deep freeze.  They’ve officially pulled the pin on the 1000 ac. of corn for now.  The 3 combines left out W. are on the road home before another snow storm hits as they are sold. There are trucks and grain carts still out there, combines will have to go back out when they decide to try to pick the corn.

2009-02-18  We are picking corn in SD.  It’s actually going all right, and the moisture has come down quite a bit since late fall. 

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2008 Season – Holland Harvesting

2009-02-24  Well, we are officially done with the 2008 harvest and everything is out of SD!  A farmer there had 1000 acres of corn still at 20+% moisture at the end of the normal fall harvest and didn’t want the drying expense.  We were hoping to pick it soon after Christmas but it was too snowed in then.  Luckily, the beginning of February they got some real warm days that settled the snow enough before turning back pretty cold, which was important as it is “no-till” and we didn’t want to harm the ground in any way. 

There were still a few snow drifts at the edges of the field but not too bad.  The best part of all is it got picked with out wrecking anything, ran 130 bu. or so with really no visible loss, and the moisture was down to about 16%!  When it was all said and done and had gone well we were glad to be able to help this farmer out, even though it was dreaded all winter.

He really did his part too, to make it all go smoothly in many ways, including staying in the field one night and starting stuff that had been starting hard by morning every few hours to make sure it would start right off when it was time to run, and making a trip with equipment home to our yard with our guys. 

Although the combines had already come out of there as they were traded off, it was kinda nice our 2008 100th combine was available to go back out to really FINISH it.   Our thanks to the guys that came to go out and brave below 0 F. windchills to get this done too.  If guys start fussing about heat and being hot during wheat harvest I always told them just wait, as they would be cold before it was all over with, but this was pretty extreme! 

There was a a spell of near blizzard conditions they were able to pick right through as the humidity and temperature was just right it didn’t cause a problem other than very poor visibility.

holland harvesting, harvesters, litchfield, mn

2008 Holland Harvesting Season

Gettysburg, SD

Got her done!



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