2010 Season

Holland Harvesting 2010 Season

 11-7-2010  We are done with the last section of confection sunflowers and are headed for home.

11-03-2010  Finally, we are back in the sunflowers and should be able to get them finished before the next rain forecast.

10-23-2010  An inch of rain eventually followed by 60 mph winds and blowing snow puts a halt to harvest in SD.  A 3 in. rain in MN has held up the end of corn harvest there for a few days too.

10-10-2010  Corn and sunflowers are going with beautiful harvest weather in both MN and SD finally.  After two very late fall harvests with wet crop moisture we’ve got dry grain going straight into bins in both states!

10-04-2010  The wheat is pretty well finished up and just in time as we need to get the guys that went back to the N. country down in to soybeans in SE ND while the other machines stayed in fall crop.

09-25-2010  The SD soybeans are cut and we are cutting beans and doing high moisture corn in MN, but we pull some strings and with some extra effort are able to send some guys back to NW ND to help out some farmers that still had a lot of wheat in the field.

09-18-2010  Start soybeans in SD and are also getting ready to go after them in MN too.  The weather is poor in ND and there is still wheat in the field but just not decent weather to get it.  Fortunately we finished our commitments and need to get started on fall harvest.

09-09-2010  Well, here we are a month to the day and finally moving on after more days of poor harvest weather.  We still have a little time before fall harvest so will go on up to Minot, even though much of the spring wheat didn’t get planted.  Fortunately we’ve picked up enough work to warrant the trip and fill in some time.

09-02-2010  Take some equipment home to get ready for high moisture corn in S. central MN. 

08-15-2010  Finally we’ll get started in both canola and wheat and are split up on different jobs but in the same area.

08-13-2010  Up against wet wheat and canola so we send the guys to the Black Hills and Sturgis. 

08-09-2010  We are finally done in SD and headed to SW ND!  The weather continued to mess with us and we were getting wet every few days, with way too cool and pleasant days in between.

07-17-2010  The unusual year continues with too much fit all at once in SD.  Normally W. of the river should cut 7-10 days before E. of the river, but not this year.  We are getting another machine to run for the rest of the season and will be split up for awhile.  An exceptional crop with 70-80 bushel winter wheat and elevators full of old crop isn’t helping the situation.

07-14-2010  We are finally done in NW Kansas and headed to SD.  It took right on 2 weeks to cut 4-5 days as a system with 20-30% chance of rain would not clear out.  Seemed any chance would bring a shower, sometimes even just a passing cloud so it was pretty tough to get much done.  There is a lot of winter wheat fit or close in SD, more than what should be all at the same time.

07-01-2010  With good weather NC Kansas was a good cut with fairly easy days and just one nighttime shower that held the combines up until afternoon the next day.  Our NW Kansas wheat was not quite fit so we were able to make a very leisurely move and got in yesterday with still nothing quite ready.  Today a nasty 30-35 mph S. wind dropped the moisture the couple points we needed in just a few hours so we could get going after an early supper.  The forecast is wind all night and 40-45 mph gusts tomorrow leading up to a chance of storms starting Saturday we can thank the hurricane coming ashore in Texas for.  The wind is hard on the standing wheat and all the other crops in the area, besides not being very pleasant to work in but just something else to deal with.

06-24-2010  Fortunately the forecast was wrong and we did get going late Wed. with hot temps and strong steady winds, we cut right through and finished Sunday.  Got everything moved to N. Central Ks. yesterday and hope to try it later today but it is very calm and fairly high humidity.  The ground is saturated from the heavy storms of the last week and there is wheat on the ground, but there is still an excellent crop here.

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2010 Holland Harvesting Season

06-14-2010  Everything and everyone is safely moved to Kingman, KS but we have not unloaded yet.  Made the last run in yesterday between two, 2-3 in. each rains and it is dark and misty today so nothing to hurry about.  Working on a few things and leaving guys wander around town doing whatever for a change.  Hopefully we can get going by Wednesday or so but the forecast is for fairly cool, only in the 80’s the next couple days so that won’t help much.  At least they didn’t get the hail here that was around with the storm last night.  Harvest is at a total standstill right now as anywhere with fit wheat got multiple inch rains the last two days.

06-11-2010  We have finished our Texas stop and are cleaning and loading to move to Kansas.  Although we fought humidity the whole time  so had some short days we got it cut in 12 straight days with NO rain which is good as we need to get moving.  Yes, it was hot but everyone survived just fine and it will be hotter yet too, but should be drier.  Right now it is in the upper 90’s with 51% humidity in the middle of the afternoon, with wind gusting to 30 mph which is actually good for blowing off combines!  It had been on the calm side, what we refer to as “much too pleasant” most of the time we were cutting.

05-26-2010  Things have progressed rapidly in Texas and we expect to be test cutting Memorial Day Weekend.  We are getting a late start as it came out of dormancy late, but hopefully we will be able to cut it straight through with good weather.

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