2011 Season

Holland Harvesting 2011 Season

11-10-2011  Well, with beautiful, warm and DRY fall weather we bored ahead through fall harvest with very little downtime and all went well.  A few guys are sticking around another couple weeks and others are heading out for various reasons.

09-11-2011  Yes, I skipped a couple months and no one needs to be telling me about it.  I may or may not fill it in that remains to be seen.  Finally got close enough to done in SW ND to head for Sask. with 5 machines, leaving a couple back to finish up slow ripening sucker heads in spring wheat.  This was a pretty messed up harvest due to a messed up spring planting that was spread out over like 6 weeks instead of like 2 weeks due to rain and snow.  Then it stayed cool and they kept getting moisture all through the growing season.

A short run of equip. had been taken to Sask. a week or so ago, and we got this run with trailer houses and work permits and all across the border much quicker and smoother than we allowed for.  We still spent the night along the road though, but with only a short run to the farm yard in the morning.

06-29-2011  Been basically done here in N. central Kansas for a few days now except for about a half section of wet wheat left.  Since our next stop isn’t quite fit yet we cleaned some and loaded but are waiting with enough stuff to hopefully cut this bit of wheat before we move W.  With forecasted temps of 103-108 today that should help bring things around at both stops.  This sitting is not normal for us at all, but there are crews which have sat for weeks already, from here on things look to be running late by the calendar now.  With the poor or non-existing winter wheat crop and much of the spring wheat not able to be planted, or under water, this will be a tough year for about all the custom crews.

06-24-2011  Third day of actual cutting in N. central Kansas.  We took a couple of easy days getting stuff moved N. between spells of 30-40 mph winds, then sat out a day of 50 mph gusts before making the last run with everything.  The wind had turned to the NW and cooled everything down abruptly, wheat still not fit when we got all moved so had time to really get set before getting going at noon the next day.  

06-17-2011  More heat, and since it is too wet to clean and load the guys go to tour the salt mine at Hutchinson, then go out in the evening to work at it.

06-16-2011  We finish the first stop of the season amid 100+ degree heat and 30+ mph wind which has been pretty much the norm.  A storm came through within an hour of finishing with torrential rain, high wind gusts and a gustnado, which took down a new building under construction in town.

06-15-2011  Back to cutting. 

06-12-2011  Being able to cut straight through since beginning, we are fortunate to get all the dry land fit wheat cut before we get 1-2 in. of rain.  5 irrigated quarters are left but they were not quite ready anyway. The dry land made about 35 bu. which is pretty good considering just 20 mi. west they zeroed out a lot of wheat.

06-05-2011  Everything makes the final run, and we have to unload and go right to cutting due to 100 degree temps and 30 mph winds for quite a few days.

06-01-2011  Wide loads are headed to S. Central Kansas and 3-4 semi’s will come back, depending on if we take all the combines or not.

05-28-2011  We are headed south with the first run of equipment.  The guys will comeback with a vehicle.  Our Texas stop was nearly all zeroed out for insurance so we will start in S. central Kansas.  We are fortunate to still have all our Kansas wheat, as not too far west at all they have zeroed much of it out.

Source – USDA: The U.S. Department of Agriculture has designated 213 counties in Texas as primary natural disaster areas after one of the worst droughts in more than a century. The state sustained excessive heat, high winds and wildfires that burned hundreds of thousands of acres.

“Many producers have lost their crops due to the devastation caused by the drought and wildfires,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “President Obama and I want these farmers and ranchers to know that we will support them through the recovery process and help them once again become productive suppliers of food, fiber and fuel that keep America prospering. This designation will help provide that support.”

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