2009 Season

Holland Harvesting – 2009 Season

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holland harvesting

The 2009 season was one with all the normal trials and tribulations of harvest and then some.  We are always at the mercy of the weather and this year the weather was merciless.  Beginning with a long dry winter with virtually no moisture on the southern winter wheat belt since seeding which resulted in a very poor wheat crop in Texas and most of Oklahoma.  A lot of harvesters opted not to go to their first stops because the majority of the acres were not harvested but claimed for insurance.  We did not go as their is a point where it is not economically feasible to make the trip.  We spent a long spring in the yard at home but there was nothing could be done about it.

holland harvesting, litchfield, mn

Our winter wheat harvest started in southern Kansas and went full speed right into South Dakota where we hit an abrupt holdup transitioning into spring wheat.  It was a fairly cool summer growing season all along and this coupled with poor, late seeding conditions in the spring and a widespread June snowfall held the spring grain crops back to extremely slow ripening.  This did produce record yields but put us right near a month behind normal by the calendar! 

These conditions carried through into Canada where we got started within a few days of the date we finished in 2008.  This quickly put us into the worst October for harvest weather anyone can remember and even though we were spread out over 1000 miles there was no harvesting anywhere for days at a time.  Since we were still in Canada through most of our normal fall corn, soybean and sunflower harvest we ran nine machines and things managed to work out.  The Canada job went for an actual 2 months to the day because of the poor weather but we had made a commitment and of course stuck it out until it was finished. Fall crops were good, and extremely exceptional in South Dakota. 

The problem was grain moisture content was really slow coming down with no drying weather in October.  Thank goodness for the beautiful November weather with almost no rain for a month.  If we’d had normal November weather we would have been harvesting 2009 crop in 2010! All in all it still turned out to be a fairly good harvest season.

holland harvesting

Holland Harvesting – 2009 Season

Thanks to the 2009 crew that experienced this unusual year along with us.  This was just one of those times that things sometimes don’t always go as planned, but just has to be dealt with.  Well, the 2009 actual harvest season is officially finished  and everything was home safe and sound by December 18th.  It made for another late fall harvest two years in a row and we THANK the guys that opted to stick around to really finish the season out.  There’s a lot to that “only the strong survive” but the way custom harvesting has gone the last two years “only the strong finish the season to the end”.  It’s not fun bearing below 0 temps and windchills, snow and ice but sometimes it has to be done and it’s just all in a year.

No matter how dedicated and tough you are we still do not allow smoking…  All fall (and it was a long difficult fall) Jamie kept saying when we get done we’re all gonna have a Marlboro.  And they did, but I don’t know that anyone really smoked the whole thing as no one is actually a smoker.  And Stuart, they had one for you too as you only missed it by a few days but we know you wanted to be there.

holland harvesting

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